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Copyright Notice: AmarilloUSAF © Copyright 1994, 1996, 1998 by Tom C. Lai. All Rights Reserved. For more info, visit or contact ‐ Permission Required For Commercial Distribution. Registration required after 30 days of use. 013‐002‐R

Font Family Name: AmarilloUSAF

Font Subfamily Name: Regular

Unique Font Identifier: TLai Enterprises Media Design AmarilloUSAF

Full Font Name: AmarilloUSAF

Version String: TLai Enterprises Media Design 8/30/98

Postscript Name: AmarilloUSAF

Manufacturer Name: TLai Enterprises Media Design

Designer: Tom C. Lai

Description: US Air Force aircraft marking font.

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Designer URL:

License Description: This font software is offered on a trial basis only. If you wish to use this software on a permanent basis, you must pay the shareware registration fee within 30 days. Please refer to the documentation, or our website, for more information.

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